Bulk Materials

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Bulk Materials

Whether in a drum, tank, container, sack or big bag;
liquid, viscous, free-flowing, solid – you supply the bulk materials or we purchase them according to your specifications.

We are happy to help calculate bulk quantities.

Do you have an analysis certificate with approval, details of density, batch/BBD specification and can provide us with production details such as stirring, heating or lifetime during the preparation stage? That’s great! With your detailed information our packaging process runs like clockwork.

EC Verpackungsservice
Flüssig, Liquid


Aqueous solutions, oils, liquids, liquids, 2-phase products



Creams, ointments, pastes, masks, peeling, fats, highly viscous products

Rieselfähif, Free flowing power / granulates

Free flowing (powder, granulate)

Powder, granulates, salts

Stückig, Viscious

Lumpy, solid

Capsules, pastilles, lozenges, sweets, die-cut parts, labels

Tücher, Wipes


Rectangular, Square, Swabs, Pads, Face masks, Eye pads, Contours, Fleece cuts