EC Verpackungsservice - All-round service for packaging


Sachet - EC Verpackungsservice

Product samples, sales packs, disposable packs, portion packs Magazine sachets

Double sachet

Doppelsachet - EC Verpackungsservice

Double sachets with central perforation, sachet chains with perforation, asymmetrical formats possible.

2- or multi-phase care (day/night, cleaning/care), combination products, up to 5 different products possible, also different consistencies.

Multi-chamber sachet

Mehrkammersachet - EC Verpackungsservice

Multiple use, up to 4 chambers possible

Sachet with spout

Sachet mit Tülle - EC Verpackungsservice

Targeted application of the filling goods, easy handling for the consumer

Sachet with Europerforation

Anhängesachet - EC Verpackungsservice

Presentation on perforated walls, Euro perforation, for attachment to sales containers, onpacks

Contour sachet

Konturensachet - EC Verpackungsservice

Individual shapes, shape analogous to sales goods/original product

Cloths/Face masks

Tücher - EC Verpackungsservice
Gesichtsmasken - EC Verpackungsservice

Cloths, cloth cuts, fleece contours in sachets. Rectangular, square, swabs, pads, face masks, eye pads, contours, fleece blanks. Rectangular, Square, Swabs, Pads, Face masks, Eye pads, Contours, Fleece cuts

Stand-up pouch

Standbodenbeutel - EC Verpackungsservice
Standbodenbeutel - EC Verpackungsservice

stand-up pouches / doypacks / pouches. Sales merchandise, refills, with zipper, with spout ​


Tuben - EC Verpackungsservice

Screw cap Tubes, tubes with sponge attachment


Konfektionierung - EC Verpackungsservice

Packaging work, folding box and display assembly, machine gluing, labeling, individual packaging development and further processing variants

Print media

Printmedien - EC Verpackungsservice

Print media from in-house print shop. Card, flyers, brochures, catalogs, calendars, pads, mailings.

Outer packaging

Umverpackung - EC Verpackungsservice

Folding boxes, boxes, trays, cardboard boxes