EC Verpackungsservice - All-round service for packaging


Sachet - EC Verpackungsservice

Product samples, sales packs, disposable packs, portion packs Magazine sachets

Double sachet

Doppelsachet - EC Verpackungsservice

Double sachets with central perforation, sachet chains with perforation, asymmetrical formats possible.

2- or multi-phase care (day/night, cleaning/care), combination products, up to 5 different products possible, also different consistencies.

Multi-chamber sachet

Mehrkammersachet - EC Verpackungsservice

Multiple use, up to 4 chambers possible

Sachet with spout

Sachet mit Tülle - EC Verpackungsservice

Targeted application of the filling goods, easy handling for the consumer

Sachet with Europerforation

Anhängesachet - EC Verpackungsservice

Presentation on perforated walls, Euro perforation, for attachment to sales containers, onpacks

Contour sachet

Konturensachet - EC Verpackungsservice

Individual shapes, shape analogous to sales goods/original product

Cloths/Face masks

Tücher - EC Verpackungsservice
Gesichtsmasken - EC Verpackungsservice

Cloths, cloth cuts, fleece contours in sachets. Rectangular, square, swabs, pads, face masks, eye pads, contours, fleece blanks. ​

Stand-up pouch

Standbodenbeutel - EC Verpackungsservice
Standbodenbeutel - EC Verpackungsservice

stand-up pouches / doypacks / pouches. Sales merchandise, refills, with zipper, with spout ​


Tuben - EC Verpackungsservice

Screw cap Tubes, tubes with sponge attachment


Konfektionierung - EC Verpackungsservice

Packaging work, folding box and display assembly, machine gluing, labeling, individual packaging development and further processing variants

Print media

Printmedien - EC Verpackungsservice

Print media from in-house print shop. Card, flyers, brochures, catalogs, calendars, pads, mailings.

Outer packaging

Umverpackung - EC Verpackungsservice

Folding boxes, boxes, trays, cardboard boxes